• E6 -Glass stitched fabrics

    Main products : E-UD1200 E-UD1200/M50 E-T625; (The weight range is 300~2350g/㎡) 

    E6 -Glass stitched fabrics, as high-performance composite materials, have advantages of light weight, impact resistance, durability and high strength and others. It has been widely used in composite materials area such as wind power blades, ship building, transportation, and sports facilities.

    Test ItemE-UD1200-390E-T625-390
    0° TensileStrength/MPa1000-110055-58

  • E7 -Glass stitched fabrics

    Main products: E7-UD1200 E7-UD1250; (The weight range is 300~2350g/㎡)

    The development of E7 high-strength and high-modulus glass fiber stitched fabrics has made it possible for high-power wind blade manufacturing, pressure vessels, pultrusion and other industries which have a large demand for high-performance glass fibers. With the application of E7 fabrics, manufacturers can make products lighter with better performance, higher efficiency, and longer service life , ultimately resulting in lower power generation costs.

    Test ItemE7-UD1250-390
  • E8 -Glass stitched fabrics

    Main products: E8-UD1400 E8-UD1250; (The weight range is 300~2350g/㎡)

    E8 high-strength and high-modulus glass fiber stitched fabric can make the wind blades in same level lighter in weight, higher in modulus and strength, and less deformation under the same wind conditions; this will not only brings a reduction in unit power generation costs, but also further improve the wind zone adaptability and service life of the blade.

    Test ItemE8-UD1250-390

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