• Glass fiber fabric

    Main products: E-LT80, E-LT125, E-LT145

    The LT fabrics is made of glass fiber woven fabric as the base material and is processed by a polymer anti-emulsion soaking coating. It has good alkali resistance, flexibility and high tensile strength in the warp and weft directions. The product weight is mainly distributed in 80~160g/m2; the width is mainly 1000-2000mm, and the length of the product is mainly 50-300m. It is mainly used in the fields of wall insulation, building waterproofing, grinding wheel base fabrics and other fields.

  • Woven roving chopped strand mat

    Main products:E-WR400/M200 、E-WR800/M200

    This series of products is made by stitching together woven roving and a layer of distributed chopped strand. The weight range of the woven roving is generally 300~900g/㎡, and the weight of the glass fiber chopped strand layer is generally 50~500g/㎡, and the maximum width of the product can reach 110 inches. They are mainly used in fields such as yachts, wind blades and sports equipment.

  • E-PP fabrics

    Main products: E/PP-60/40-WR500-P-N、E/PP-60/40-WR750-P-N、E/PP-60/40-WR980-P-N、E/PP-60/40-WR1500-P-N

    E/PP fabrics is a reinforcement woven from E/PP roving. The product is suitable for mold pressing, roller pressing, vacuum molding, and etc. The applications of this product include pipe,automotive,construction,sports and new energy industries. The maximum width of the product can reach 125 inches with black and white roving.

  • Stitched chopped strand mat

    Main products: E-MK300、E-MK600、E-MK900

    It is made by chopping continuous strands into chopped strands and stitching them together in disorderly arrangement.The weight is generally 350~900g/㎡, and the maximum width of the product can reach 110 inches. It is widely used in the fields of yachts and pipes.

  • 0°/90° Stitched Fabrics

    Main products: E-LT400、E-LT600、E-LT800、E-LT1200、E-LT1600

    It is made by two layers of roving aligned at 0°/90° with or without chopped strands(50~500g/㎡). The weight is generally 300~1200g/㎡, and the maximum width of the product can reach 130 inches. It is widely used in ship building ,pipes and chemical facilities.

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