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Carbon fiber woven roving fabric

Carbon fiber woven roving fabric

Main products: C-WR200, C-WR240, C-WR320, C-WR360, C-WR400, C-WR480

Using high-performance carbon fiber as raw material, stitched by a DORNIER machine or Rapier weaving machine, According to the different fabric structure, the products are mainly divided into plain weave, twill weave and satin weave, etc. The product weight is mainly distributed in 120-480g/m2, and meets the individual requirements for different widths of 100mm-2800mm.

The products are mainly used in aerospace, auto parts, sports equipment, building reinforcement and various decorative parts.

In addition, according to the different combinations of warp and weft raw materials, carbon fiber can also be mixed with other high-performance fiber to form a carbon/glass mixed fabrics, carbon/aramid mixed fabrics, etc.

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