Solution 01

Wind Energy

Glass-fiber fabrics are major reinforcement material for composites of wind turbine blades, which are mainly used in the main bearing and case parts of wind turbine blades for the exceptional mechanical performances and outstanding weatherability. As high-performance products of high-modulus products, the E7, E8 and E9 glass-fiber fabrics are adapted to the development trend of large-sized, light-weighted wind turbine blades as part of the solution for high-power wind turbine blades.


Solution 02


High-performance glass-fiber fabric composite materials are also widely used in carrier rockets and spacecrafts as the material for the main bearing structure.


Solution 03

Green Building

Glass-fiber composite material has advantages like high strength, light weight, aging resistance, good flame retardancy and great sound and thermal insulation, and can be used as an ideal material for a variety of buildings.


Solution 04

Sports & Leisure

Glass-fiber composite materials are widely used in sports equipment due to their advantages like light weight, high strength, high designability, easy-to-process, low friction and good fatigue resistance.